Vision and objective of the Social Work Department

  • Prioritize admission to vulnerable and unprivileged sections of the villages and society’s students, who are willing to go to the vicinity and work for the society.
  • Developing values, attitudes, and skills that make them sensitive and willing to work for the marginalized in society rather than for higher-paying jobs.
  • To prepare social workers for relief, development, rehabilitation works as well as for the role of struggle on issues of understanding, formation, and social justice.
  • Encourage the student to become a good human being through the process of understanding the society through self-understanding.
  • Understanding local to global issues and orienting efforts for solutions at the local level through excellent coordination between knowledge of professional social work and Gandhian thought.

Features of the Social Work Department

  • In social work, equal importance is given to fieldwork. Field experiences are useful to students in understanding society, shaping attitudes, and developing skills.
  • Regular classroom teaching and theory by experienced professors are given to students through simple examples.
  • Professors are continuously communicating for quality education in students, staying with them in each of their activities.
  • Fieldwork, camps, educational tours, summer placement, etc, not only as part of the curriculum but also its place, institution selection, it’s planning, learning, and evaluation method are very carefully done by the professors.
  • The selection of students is done according to the vision of the department, the students come to study in this department with the society by choice, so the propensity to learn is at a high level.
  • What we should do is much important than what other universities do, it is in the ideology of the Gujarat Vidyapith.
  • The students who have studied from social work departments are also placed and have the opportunity to serve from the panchayat level to the center in politics. Some of the students are also selected in government departments as Class-I officers to the community level and institutions. Some students have started their own NGOs and are doing excellent exemplary work.
  • The identity of the students from the Social work department is such that they are never ashamed to do any work, never fall back, accept challenging roles, and perform their duties well.
  • Every year Job placement efforts are made by the department, but most students find a job of their choice as they study.
  • Many types of research, projects, workshops, seminars, training are done in the department. Which benefits students extensively.